We offer professional nautical services: sales, charter, management and refit. We are highly committed to our customers, work with passion and take care of the little details that turn a short moment into an unforgettable memory.

Interview with Xisco and Lorenzo – Founders

How did you get into Yachting?

Yachting and the sea is in our blood. We come from a family of seafarers and our grandfather, Lorenzo Vila, was well-known in Mallorca as a talented fisherman and a yacht captain during times of Mediterranean smuggling. When we were very young he used to take us sailing with him. At times it was tough, being a child out on the water for ten hours at a time, but it certainly served to develop our passion for the sea.

Bernat Vila, our Great Grandfather, 1959
Lorenzo Vila, our Grandfather, 1967

What´s the story behind easyboats?

When we finished high school, we were two young entrepreneurial guys, full of enthusiasm for life and already certain that we wanted to start our own business together. It had to be something we were both passionate about, with yachting emerging as the obvious choice. In 1989, after some quick market research, a simple business plan, and some help from our mother, we bought three boats and founded Nice & Easy Boats SL – yacht charter, sales and management.

At first it was a real challenge. At the time we were the only motoryacht charter company in Mallorca, our competitors were only chartering sailing boats, so we had no business model to take as a reference point. We had to learn the hard way and come up with solutions as problems arose.

Similarly, our business plan had been based on guesswork, with no industry data to draw from, but soon after launch it quickly became apparent that there was an even bigger demand for motoryacht charter than we initially expected. We closed year one on a high – and with full return on our investment.

And the name of your company?

Before the Company was set up, we had a boat that we mainly used for waterskiing. She was a deep red-coloured 18-foot Fletcher with a powerful white 140hp Johnson outboard and we named her ‘Nice & Easy’. We loved that boat, spent so much time with her, that when it came to registering our business we decided to name it after our beloved speedboat, hence Nice & Easy Boats SL.

Some time later, we were putting together a website with our friend and web-developer, Elena Vera, and realised a shorter name would work best for our domain name so decided upon easyboats.com.

What are your core values?

Without doubt, integrity is our core value. This is something we apply to our lives both as individuals and businessmen.

At Easyboats we measure our success only by client satisfaction, and never by income or prestige. Our biggest reward is making our clients happy through the professional friendly services we offer, whether that’s a memorable charter holiday or taking ownership of a dream yacht.

“When you are able to maintain your own highest standards of integrity – regardless of what others may do – you are destined for greatness.”

Napoleon Hill


There is no better life for us than the one spent at sea.

Therefore, what we do does not feel like a job but as our way of life, or as we like to call it: #OurWaveToLive.


Doing the right thing as a way of life.

Integrity is our clear ethical value that defines us and "forces" us to always be honest and fair with our clients.


From the beginning to the end. 

Our responsibility and commitment to the client is always our top priority, and we don't stop until we create those unique experiences.


We strive for quality in everything we do.

We strongly believe in the importance of taking care of every detail, no matter how small, and we treat every moment with special delicacy.