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Selling a Yacht

When it comes to selling a yacht, setting the correct market value is of great importance.  Unlike other vehicles where age largely determines price, the value of a used yacht depends on many factors – the key one being maintenance.  A poorly-maintained two-year-old yacht will suffer higher devaluation than a superbly-maintained four-year-old.  With our considerable industry experience, we can tell at a glance if a yacht has been well-maintained by its owner and crew.  Hull condition, electrical equipment, the cleanliness of the engine room, even the smell of the interior, are all clear indicators of a yacht’s state of repair.

The best course of action is to appoint an experienced broker to handle the sale of your yacht.  At easyboats we have 25 years experience and extensive knowledge and the necessary negotiation skills to successfully sell your yacht at the right price.

We also set ourselves apart from the crowd by being completely transparent in our approach to sales.  On numerous occasions, when the situation requires it, we have been happy to connect the vendor directly to the potential buyer in order to bring the deal to a swifter conclusion.

Amongst the services offered by easyboats are:  valuations, creation of an online brochure, marketing, assistance at marine surveys, sea trials, handling of finances, change of ownership.