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RYA Training

Our clients are often asking about skipper training and refresher courses, so we’ve teamed up with recognized RYA Training Centre, Aigua Sea School, to offer you all of this:

  • PWC. Personal watercraft or jetski
  • POWER. Generally ‘open’ vessels such as RIBs, day boats, bow riders and sports boats – as a rule they are less than 10m
  • MOTOR. Cruisers (motor boats with cabins) – these can be less than 10m, but if they have cabins they come under ‘motor’
  • SAIL. Sailing yachts for cruising (not dinghies)
  • SHOREBASED. VHF marine radio, diesel engine, first aid, navigation theory – beginner to advanced

It is more important than ever to make sure your certificates are shipshape. If you’re piloting a PWC a one-day proficiency certificate is the minimum requirement, for a powerboat a two-day Level 2 certificate is the minimum, motor cruisers a four-day Day Skipper course and sailing a five-day Day Skipper course.

You can also secure an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) on all of the above – the most-widely recognized and easiest certificate to show to the authorities – and eligibility has recently been extended to include nationals and residents of Spain.

So, if you’re after ‘own boat’ training or a course on an approved training boat, need a pre-charter refresher or VHF radio course, give us a shout and we will place you in Aigua Sea School’s safe hands.