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Maintenance and Refit

easyboats’ maintenance and refit division draws on more than 25 years of networking and knowledge to create a tried-and-tested one-stop-shop for all things ‘yacht’.

Working alongside leading experts in their field, and using some of the best shipyard facilities in Europe (such as 105,000m² STP in Palma with its 700-tonne travel lift and capacity to work on yachts up to 120 metres), easyboats can handle everything from a routine anti-foul to an entire interior and exterior remodelling. We also offer regular guardiennage packages and wet- and dry-storage solutions. 

Using a very hands-on approach to project management, easyboats will keep a close eye on workmanship, timelines and budgets and deliver regular reports (including close-up photography) to make clients feel both at ease and in control – even from a distance.

Services include:

  • Sand-blasting and anti-foul
  • Finishing, painting and varnishing
  • Gel coat and fibre glass work
  • Polishing (all surfaces)
  • Electrics (generators, stabilisers, air-conditioning…)
  • Electronics (navigation, communication, safety…)
  • Audiovisual, satellite and IT systems
  • Mechanical and engineering work – engines, pumps, purifiers, shafts, propellers…
  • Interior design and upholstery
  • Interior and exterior carpentry
  • Metalwork and welding
  • Plumbing
  • Hydraulic systems (passerelles, cranes, bathing ladders, garage doors…)
  • Security systems (life rafts, fire extinguishers, alarms…)
  • Lighting (underwater, indoor and outdoor lights)
  • Signage – boat name